Denver Veterans Memorials & Monuments

by Mile High Memorials

Honoring our veterans is a large part of American culture and society today. Public displays of gratitude with memorials and monuments are just one of the ways that we can thank our veterans and their families. The team at Mile High Memorials is honored to work with local organizations to create custom Veterans Monuments and Memorials.

What are Veterans Memorials?

Veterans Monuments and Memorials can be any type of structure (stone or otherwise) that pay tribute to veterans. This can be a specific person or an entire group. Mile High Memorials can create any type of memorials including stone signs or placards.

Signs, Benches, Monoliths & More

Memorials can take many forms. From a simple stone sign to a custom, 3-dimensional free-standing sculpture. Our team of artists will work with you to create a beautiful and unique piece of art to honor veterans for generations to come.

War Veterans or Specific Soldiers & Groups

Veteran Memorials can be broad to honor all veterans or those who served in a particular war or branch of the military. We also create monuments that honor specific people or groups within a military command. One way to honor many people within a group is to list names on a stone wall.

Our Process

What sets Mile High Memorials apart from other monument and memorial companies in Denver is our process. Our team handles each step of the process in-house – from design and creation all the way to installation.

Project Management

As is with most large-scale projects, we have a project manager that is your main point of contact. With your PM (short for Project Manager), we will come up with a design that suits your needs, within your established budget. Our team also handles the manufacturing and installation of the memorial to ensure a seamless, on-time delivery.


Our in-house team of designers will take your idea and bring it to life. They have an extensive knowledge of materials so they can create something that is truly unique to honor our Veterans. If your design includes more than stonework, we have a network of partners that we work with and trust to create a beautiful cohesive piece.


All stone pieces are made in-house in our Littleton warehouse. Our project manager oversees the whole process to ensure that there are no errors in production or design. Additionally, if there are non-stone elements to your design, our project managers work with our partners during manufacturing.


Depending on where the memorial is installed, we will work with the local municipalities to get the proper permits and licenses. We have experience with many governments throughout Denver.

Our expert installation team will work around your schedule to install and prepare the memorial according to your timeline. Again, this includes any pieces of the design created by our partners.

The Next Steps

To discuss designs or ideas to help honor local Veterans, look no further than our team. Contact Mile High Memorials today to learn more about Veterans Memorials & Monuments.

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