In Cemetery & On-Site Headstone Engraving

Mile High Memorials specializes in on-site headstone engraving. We are here for you for every step of the process. Whether completing an existing project after a family member’s passing or picking up where another company left off, our team works to engrave a stone or marker to your liking.

We can work with any style stone in any cemetery around Colorado. Our craftsmen are able to match any existing engraving style even if it was originally done by another company. We can add final passing dates or new designs or inscriptions to existing stones on site.

Mile High Memorials’ Process

We visit the existing site and our designers create an exact match for font & size and then add new lettering to the headstone by hand. The process usually only takes a few weeks depending on scheduling with the cemetery.

Depending on type of stone, we work the the cemetery to schedule a time and date to work on the headstone on site. We can bring our tools to the site and complete the work in as little as a few hours. If the type of stone or update requires that we work on it in our shop, we will again, work with the cemetary to schedule a time for pick up and then re-installation. Depending on the cemetery, there may be a fee associated with on-site work.

The price for updates depends on if we created the work originally, the size and detail of the design and type of stone.

We’re Here to Help

If your family is ready to update an existing stone, please contact us today. We will work with you and to come up with a design to complement or complete the existing headstone and then work with the cemetary to schedule a date to update the stone.

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