We constantly strive to give you a compassionate, caring and supportive experience while also being experts in our fields as designers and craftsmen. It is our privilege to work with families to create meaningful and unique memorials everyday.

Compassionate & Caring

“I am so pleased with the process of working with your entire team. It has made something normally difficult much easier given the process of working with your staff and the excellent job of managing my expectations throughout the process. My heart is grateful!”
– Susan T.

“Thank you for all of your kind help and communication. I really did need it at that time.”
– Joyce L.

“Many thanks for completing the engraving of my other headstone. I truly appreciate you and thank you so much.”
– S. Lee

“Thank you for everything  – you have made this as painless as it could possibly be.”
– Roberta B.

“I will forever recommend you guys. I really needed help for this and I so appreciate everything you did for me.”
– Stacy K.

Professional Artisans

“We will always be grateful for the beautiful work you did on Home’s Embrace. People who visit are touched by it and it’s the perfect compliment to the Colorado Freedom Memorial.”

– Rick C.

“Thank you so much for your patience as I walked through this difficult process. You truly took my ideas and inspirations and created a beautiful piece of art. I am forever grateful!”
– Mary A.

“You and your team did amazing work and right now I have tears in my eyes.”
– David K.

“I appreciate your assistance with this process which was difficult but was made easier with your knowledge and guidance.”
– Vicki F.

“Thank you all at MHM with this beautiful headstone, that perfectly reflected what I imagined and asked for! We cried when we saw your work for the first time. My mother would be proud.”
– Yvonne V.