Beautiful Headstones & Memorials for a Meaningful Way to Remember Your Loved Ones

Mile High Memorials is Denver’s premier designer of new headstones, memorials, grave markers and monuments.  Our artists will work with your family to create beautiful, meaningful memorials to honor your deceased loved one for years to come.  These pieces mark final resting places and act as a reminder for family for many generations to come

Monuments & Headstones

One of the best ways to honor a lost loved one is a beautiful headstone or monument.   Headstones are larger, vertical pieces that stand on a base, have larger surface areas for text and design and typically label the grave sites of multiple people. Monuments are typically more customizable with size, shape and materials options. Both pieces are created by our designers and come in many color and material options.

Grave Markers & Memorials

Grave markers are inlaid stones, set at grave sites to mark the burial location of caskets or urns.  They can be simple and refined or have more elaborate designs. Memorial stones are simple inlaid stones designed to be used outside of a cemetery.  Our team will work with you to customize a piece to honor your loved ones for years to come.

Our Memorial Design Team’s Process

We understand that the passing of a loved one is a very difficult time.  That’s why our team is specially trained to work with grieving families.  We will walk you through every step of the process with honest and genuine care.

Once you’ve reached out to us about creating a stone, our designers work with you to customize exactly what type of stone and design you’re looking for. After the materials and design are picked out, our staff of artists will create the piece- all work done by hand with expert care and concern using the latest in tools and technology. When the stone is ready, we will work with any cemetery across Colorado to schedule installation.   Depending on weather conditions and cemetery guidelines, the total process can take just a few weeks from design to installation.  View more of our work in our Gallery.

Maintenance & On Site Engraving

In addition to design and installation, we also offer maintenance and cleaning services, and on-site engraving.  Whether contemporary or historical, we can clean and repair any type of stone in any cemetery in Colorado. We also offer on-site engraving for stone edits or updates.  If we created the original piece or if it was done by another company, we can update markers or stones on site.  Visit our services page to learn more about our memorial design and restoration services.  

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Contact Mile High Memorials today for all of your memorial and headstones needs. Mile High Memorials is here for you and your family and want to help you through this difficult time with your family.   

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