Headstone Cleaning, Repair, Restoration & Maintenance

If you or your family has an existing contemporary or historical headstone or grave marker that needs care or maintenance, Mile High Memorials can meet and exceed your needs. We can repair damaged or leaning headstones and clean headstones of all materials including sandstone, granite, and marble. Each project has a customized approach based on client needs, grave marker type and cemetery. We can also restore historical headstones or monuments with severe deterioration, damage, or discoloration.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Beyond usual aging and cleaning needs, some stones need further repair and maintenance.  Whether historical or contemporary, our team can repair broken stones with chips or cracks.    

We repair broken stones with a special color-matched epoxy by filling in any cracks or chips. For larger repairs, more mechanical braces or mortars can be used although they are slightly more visible.  

We also repair leaning stones or memorials by leveling and reinforcing their existing foundations. This can prevent further damage by removing stress put on the stone by leaning.

Our Process

Working with your family to meet your needs is our number one priority at Mile High Memorials.  After contacting us, we will work with the cemetery to schedule a consultation and then a time to begin work. Depending on the type of cleaning and repair needed, we typically begin work as soon as possible. Our professional artists will photograph the repair and notify you as soon as work is completed.  

Pricing is dependent on type of stone, work that needs to be done, and the cemetery as there are occasionally fees associated with working on the grounds. Contact us today to meet with our team of designers and specialists to see how we can meet and exceed your expectations for headstone and gravestone cleaning, repair, and maintenance.

The Next Steps

If your need to repair or clean your family’s headstone please contact us today. We will work with the cemetery to schedule a date for maintenance work and send you a photo of the completed work.

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